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My motivation to opt for Geology during my bachelors and continue with it further during my masters was only because I wanted to find answers to the origin of Earth and the life that evolved thereafter - A question that intrigued me since my childhood (I guess one of the reason why I never looked at my studies as a means of earning some bread and butter). Another reason being, that this subject involved more of fieldwork and travelling, which I liked than sitting in the four-walled classroom. It has helped me to relate things at a micro level as well as on a regional and cosmic scale. 

Me at a spring taking readings. (Photo by J. Buono)
During my studies as a geology student, I was not sure what aspect of Geology I wanted to gravitate too, but within few years, active plate tectonics and later volcanoes that align these plate boundaries started fascinating me. I am still passionately curious to know why and how the Earth behaves differently than other planets, and I feel-studying volcanoes is like holding those pages of history that will help in my quest. However, right after my studies, I was drawn towards working on the water related issues faced by rural communities in the hard rock basaltic terrain of Maharashtra, which I feel is equally important as my quest, so I have continued to devote my time in helping people have access to clean water. I like going on mountain treks - exploring, understanding and finding new features (gathering tons of information to help make sense of the Earth) on the Deccan Volcanic Province (DVP) just like a Volcanologist will do, and hopefully can pursue my graduate studies in Volcanology sometime in the future. Other interest includes metaphysics, painting, understanding animal behaviour in the wild and photography. On 'The Churning inside the Earth' I like blogging mostly on topics under the Earth Sciences domain, but also on topics that equally interests me like Human Civilization (Archaeology), Ecology and Environmental issues. 

If you people have any suggestions, corrections or any clarification concerning the articles I post please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions, as this blog is designed (evolved) to host any random thoughts that happen to be passing through my forebrain at a given moment. Therefore, there will be errors…

Me and the Spring in context to the landscape. (Photo by J. Buono)

R. Thomas


  1. Hi R. Thomas,
    Today only I read your blog post of Monday, June 30, 2014. It was touching blog.

    I have read "About me" but wish to know more about you and would like to get in touch with you.

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  2. Hi Pratibha,
    Thank you for reading my blog. Appreciate it!. The article made me too realise that life in the village is very difficult, especially farmers are unable to meet their basic needs through agriculture. It is a really pitiful state.
    So what do you wish to know more, drop an email on - mails(dot)renie(at)gmail(dot)com
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